Brand Vision

Brand vision

To build the whole industry ecological chain of mechanical parts manufacturing, we should focus on the establishment of industry alliance and standardization of industry standards, gather domestic major parts manufacturers, jointly build a national integrated industry alliance, promote technology integration, business integration and data integration, realize cross level, cross region, cross system, cross business collaborative management and service, and provide customers with all-round products And accessories solutions.

Strategic layout

Strategic layout


Personalized customization

Through the technical reform, the production equipment can be customized according to the different needs of customers, and the unique customization system of high-end accessories in the industry is constructed.


International market

Distribution agent, global after-sales network, remote customization, 3D printing;
Based on one belt, one road policy, the "made in China" will be directed to overseas markets. Through the construction of distributors, agents distribution system, after-sales service system, realize the global strategic layout, and push domestic brands to the world.


Construction of industry university research cooperation system

We will create a "government enterprise industry university research chain" technology upgrading and talent drainage mode, continuously improve the scientific research and innovation capabilities of enterprises, and inject high-end and high-end new energy into enterprises.
Strengthen the strength of independent innovation: build a cooperation mechanism of industry, University and research, with independent development as the main factor and various cooperative development assistance as well as build a professional technology research and development platform.
Guide professional talents: link colleges and universities, build talent transportation hub, guide professional talents to flow into enterprises, and inject new force into enterprises.


Technological innovation of industrial Internet of things

The technological innovation of industrial Internet of things catalyzes the production of high-end CNC machine tools, realizing remote control, intelligent configuration and high efficiency.


"One belt, one road" national strategy

The "one belt, one road" national strategy has led the internationalization development, and has created the overseas business network of China's construction machinery industry, which is of large scale, efficiency and coverage.