Product culture
Animals have all kinds of abilities, such as endurance, strength, flexibility and tenacity that human beings do not have. When using machines for production and construction, human beings have more or less learned from the advantages of animals, so that production machinery can adapt to different environments and transform the environment.

Henglida dry and oil chain, from the material, melting, cooling, quenching, shaping, quenching and tempering, forming and scene test, after several times of tempering and forging, after arduous tests, finally become a big tool. With the pure "chain", the construction machinery can be endowed with the life force of the Beast - the vitality of the chain, that is, the more spiritual productivity.
Product positioning
Microcosmic chain action, gather force to form potential

Biological thinking animal mimicry: engineering machinery, with its huge body and heavy body, has high requirements for the inherent strength and coordination performance of various mechanical parts, and also attaches great importance to the durability and safety of the parts. Only in this way can it burst out the potential energy like a beast and cope with various difficult and dangerous working environments. Henglida links the whole situation with microcosmic, endows vitality to machinery, such as the flexibility of Qinglong, the power of white tiger, the tenacity of Zhuque, and the cooperation of Xuanwu to create mechanical beast.
Product: dry chain
Dry chain
Product: oil chain
Oil chain
Product: dry chain

Product features

It is suitable for excavator working condition

When the whole machine is running, the working device does not work

When digging bucket operation, the walking device does not work

It is suitable for passing through various complex terrain

Product: oil chain

Product features

It is suitable for bulldozers

Suitable for wetland work

Load operation while walking